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Subject: Why PRO1 Technologies

More and more contractors continue to gain appreciation with the higher value provided by PRO1. Here is a quick list of the hot value points:

  • No Big Box Retail: Sold  To HVAC/R Distributors Exclusively For Professionals
  • Live Support: Customer & Technical Support Based Here In The USA
  • Profitable: Higher Margins Not Compromised By Low Retail
  • Easy Operation: All Of Our Products Work The Same Across All Platforms
  • High Value: Feature-Rich Thermostats With The Best Pricing
  • Free Private Label: Generate Future Business Easier.
  • Nate Certification Program

Attached is the PRO1 Brand Overview Booklet.

Subject: Free Private Labeling Badge System with PRO1 Technologies

Here is a reminder of how easy it is to help you, our valued contractors and dealers, improve ownership of your customers’ property for return business. We are happy to assist you directly with this, the process is also just as easy online through their website. The order process is noted below.

Please see the attached for the PRO1 fax form so you can see what they ask for. Feel free to have them shipped to us, this way we can support you on your next thermostat order too.

Site Navigation:
Step 1:
Step 2: Go to Professional in the toolbar
Step 3: Select Private Label Program
Step 4: We recommend the “Online Private Label Form

Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks max. I allow one extra week for New contractors that have never had badges made in the past. Once on file and the template is complete, they turn them around in a week or less, pending shipment.

Subject: Most Valuable WiFi in the HVAC/R Industry

We are excited about the pro-trade products from PRO1 Technologies. We are even more excited about their high-value WiFi products and we are confident you will be too! How about a 1 Heat/1 Cool non-programmable stat that you can actually gain programmability through the app? How about a 4 Heat/ 2 Cool WiFi stat that’s commercial capable with an 8 square inch display?

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