Blue Hawk HVAC/R Distributor Cooperative

521 Compressor Saver and 5-2-1 Surge Protection with FYSIKS

The 5-2-1 COMPRESSOR SAVER can extend the life of the AC Compressor, its design helps reduce damaging in-rush current by up to 50%. As the equipment approaches the end of life, it will also aid in starting air conditioners that are close to breaking down. 5-2-1 has also released additional must-have products like the Surge Protector. The AC system is our most expensive piece of homeowner equipment. The average home or business will experience more than 300 potentially damaging surges each year. Protect your equipment today!

Aire Technlogogies Fire Life Safety HVAC Dampers FYSIKS

Aire Technologies, Inc. specializes in rapid manufacture and delivery of HVAC fire protection products. Our fire dampers and ceiling radiation dampers (CRD) serve a dual purpose. Their design slows the spread of fire and allows additional time for the occupants of a burning building to escape. Local/National codes and regulations such as NFPA and SMACNA mandate installation of specified fire protection products. Every Aire Technologies product is UL classified and Made In USA. Additional products include True Truss Enclosures, Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers, Air Control Dampers, Access Doors, and more.

Thermaflex Flexible Duct with FYSIKS

Thermaflex is built stronger to last longer. When you choose Thermaflex, you’re backed by a company with more than 60 years of flexible duct experience. We offer the most comprehensive product line of flexible duct products, ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, industrial and other commercial installations. Thermaflex is the leader in flex duct solutions, being able to support both the Residential and the unique requirements of the Commercial markets. No other flexible duct manufacturer can match our warranty protection.

Ultravation UV and Media Filtration for HVAC Indoor Air Quality with FYSIKS

Ultravation products, by design, promote energy efficiency! They keep HVAC components cleaner, increasing the operating efficiency of the system and will save more energy than is consumed by their use! Media filters effectively capture allergens, dirt, and dust with absolute minimum air flow resistance. It costs no more to run one of Ultravation’s UV systems than an economical fluorescent light. Ultravation has the leading edge technology to serve both the Residential and Commercial HVAC/R markets.

VIMCO Vibration Isolation with FYSIKS Marketing

VIMCO™ vibration and noise isolation products are installed extensively worldwide and are specified by name with leading design consultants and engineers. Installations are supported by a global network of qualified representatives. In addition to the vibration and noise isolation product line, VIMCO™ offers HVAC ducting and piping accessory products to reps active in this major market segment.

Synergy Reps Cooperative of HVAC/R Rep Firms

Air Products Apollo Smoke Detectors with Synergy Reps

Apollo America is the manufacturer of the Air Products and Controls brand of duct detectors for smoke or carbon monoxide, specialty controls, low voltage relays, control relays, power supplies, PCB mounting and enclosure options. These innovative top quality products are found worldwide in HVAC, life safety, building automation, system integration, security and lighting applications. Proud to offer products Made in the USA.

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