PRO1 Launches Line Voltage, Mechanical, & New WiFi App!

PRO1 Launch Line Voltage and Mechanical New WiFi App

New 500 Family of Thermostats including Line Voltage! Plus a New WiFi App Overhaul!

Why does PRO1 enter Line Voltage market in 2018 after leading the 24V market? Manufacturers who succeed in the HVAC/R industry must constantly be looking to innovate and grow. Part of the innovative growth is to keep up with your competition or simply grow beyond them. PRO1 has reached new heights entering into 2018. They’ve officially positioned themselves as the #2 largest thermostat provider behind Honeywell.

Why choose PRO1?!

An important reminder and clarification are that PRO1 is the true, Pro-Trade dedicated, thermostat technology company. This means no big-box stores. We only sell to the pro-trade contractors, direct through their chosen wholesale distribution partners.

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New Line Voltage Thermostats:

PRO1 Line Voltage T501 Thermostats

New Mechanical Thermostat:

PRO1 New Mechanical T501M Thermostat

New PRO1 WiFi App Coming In 2018:

PRO1 Launches New WiFi App Improvements for 2018

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