Welcoming back the CoilShot Gun for Pre-Season Spring 2018!

CoilShot Coil Cleaning 2018 Updates Speedclean

CoilShot Updates from Speedclean:

We want you all to feel confident in the CoilShot coil cleaning gun again this season. Speedclean has made some quality improvements over the last few months to improve upon lessons learned since launching in 2016.

Updates for 2018:

  • A metal snap ring has been added to the chemical chamber aka tablet chamber, to keep the plastic screen in place.

CoilShot Coil Cleaning Gun Speedclean

Updates from 2017:

  • All of the coil cleaning guns were upgraded with brass hose connectors to prevent stripping threads and water leaks.
  • The HD Tablets launched in 2017 are for harder dirt and greasy coils in light commercial applications.
    • NOTE: The HD Tablets also take longer to dissolve compared to the regular formula tablets.
    • NOTE: Our coil cleaning tablets are not harsh, so your condenser equipment metals will be left clean but not unnaturally gleaming. Harsher chemicals on the market result in a brightening effect.

CoilShot Coil Cleaning Gun Tablets Speedclean

Speedclean Hot Points:

  • Solutions that save time, money and effort.
  • Pride in Delivering Superior Results.
  • HVAC Maintenance and Coil Cleaning Tools.
  • Driven by a specific and clear mission.
  • A developer of market-leading, innovative solutions for the HVAC/R and other professional tradesmen.
  • More on SpeedClean…

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